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1. My band is really awesome, will you listen to my demo?

Our A&R department would love to hear it! When you send us your demo, please keep in mind that we do not return demos and that we will only be in contact with you if there is interest in your material.

Here's the address to send us your demo:

4285 Main Street

Vancouver, BC


V5V 3P8

2. All my stuff is in mp3 format. Can I just e-mail you the files or send you a URL to save on postage?

No. For a number of reasons, demos will only be accepted by post.

3. I have so many great songs! Should I send my demo in volumes?

While our A&R people are amazing, they just don't have the time to listen to 10 or 12 of your songs. You should pick out three or four songs that are your strongest and best showcase your talent.

4. How can I pick just three or four songs for my demo? What do you want to hear?

We want to hear your talent and originality. A quality piece of work with a great voice. We want to hear great songs and great ideas. Show us that you have a real understanding of what you do. Show us your passion!

5. What else should I include with my demo?

Along with your music, you should include a brief bio and picture. Don't forget to include contact information. We can't tell you we like your stuff if we don't know who you are or where to find you!

6. Hey! can I have my demo back?

Sorry. We do not return demos. Please don't bother sending anything that you need returned to you.

*Press Kits should include a band Photo, Biography, Press clippings, minimum 3 song CD with lyric sheets and any other promotional materials you feel relate.

*Submissions become the property of CENTURION RECORDS and will NOT be returned. Please DO NOT send MP3s or other media via email.